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Letter: Falk has experience, knowledge

We have someone who is ready right now to represent us at the Capitol, and that person is Andrew Falk. Our family has known him for years, and we have been with him on many occasions in different settings.

Falk is mature beyond his years. With the combination of his experience working on his family's fifth-generation farm, his education, his experience with renewable energy, and his significant work volunteering his time at the Capitol during the last three years, we couldn't hope for a better candidate.

He is a good listener, a good communicator, and he has the energy and passion needed to keep the momentum going.

Falk has already worked with and been endorsed by Sen. Gary Kubly and Rep. Aaron Peterson, who retired from the job. He's keenly aware about the real issues our families face: the high gas and fuel prices; the skyrocketing health insurance costs; the newest financial threat to our family farms; the lack of funds for education; and urgent need for day care support. He will continue his work with renewable energy.

His roots are deeply based in western Minnesota, and this is where he returned to live after college. Isn't this what we'd like to see more of? Please support him with your vote on Nov. 4.