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Letter: A vote for community's future

My name is Chris Duininck and my wife Lara and I are supporters of the "Vote Yes Twice" campaign.

We have three children that are educated in our community. There is great value in both public and private schools. The impact of a strong educational environment on its community cannot be overstated. Having strong, vibrant educational institutions is a community's lifeblood.

The students that come out of our institutions need to be positive, productive employees and employers in the future. We need to provide the environment for their development into well-rounded young people who are a benefit to our society.

When companies or individuals are looking to move to a community, they look at the educational system to evaluate the opportunities it will provide for them and their families. Having companies and people move to our communities is necessary for growth and vitality.

On Nov. 4, voters will be asked to support education and our community by voting for the proposed levies. By voting yes, the school system will also be able to take advantage of available state funds that will not be available if you vote no.

We realize that it is not popular in today's environment to raise taxes on anyone. We don't like paying taxes any more anyone else, but it is important to take a long-term look at this and vote yes twice for our community's future strength and vitality. We are voting yes twice!