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Letter: Change we can do without

If Sen. Barack Obama were a participant in a debate contest, he would be deserving of our affirmation. However, we do not elect presidents for the eloquence of their speech, but for their ability to actually lead.

What we have heard plenty is the "change" mantra. I can think of few campaign themes so shallow.

Following are several of the changes we're hearing about: Obama's Web site states that he has been a "consistent champion of reproductive choice." Plain English translation, Obama is in favor of maintaining a "right" to choose to kill unborn babies. In addition, he supports expanded stem cell research using human embryos.

Obama also proposes an additional $10 billion annual funding for early childhood education. He favors a "pre-school agenda that begins at birth." I ask, "What happened to parents nurturing their own children?"

Most of the "changes" we're hearing about from Obama lead us further in the direction of a country whose citizens have become intoxicated on living for themselves and getting what they can from our government (a far cry from President Kennedy's charge to us over 40 years ago). While we certainly do need change in some areas, Obama's are changes we can do without.

We will never legislate morality. But our government must provide a framework that promotes and upholds life and that encourages strong traditional families. Instead of naively promoting change, our leaders should instead be praying for wisdom and discernment to know what to change and what to hold on to, when to change and when not to change.

The United States faces a bright future, but it must hold on to those values which made it great. It appears that under an Obama presidency, we would simply be taking a long road in the wrong direction.