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Letter: An investment in the future

We would like to encourage the voters in the Willmar Public School District to vote yes twice on Tuesday, Nov. 4, for the betterment of both our schools and community.

The benefits to our student body have been well delineated in previous West Central Tribune articles and letters from other concerned citizens. We agree that smaller classrooms, music and art programs, as well as accelerated opportunities and athletics, make for well-rounded, articulate, active and productive citizens for our community, both local and global.

Two strengths of a healthy community are its educational system and availability of a variety of medical services, both of which Willmar currently enjoys. However, many of the health care professionals who are recruited to and interested in Willmar specifically inquire as to the welfare of the school district. It has been a privilege to showcase the current school district's curriculum and programming to these individuals.

The current levy for our district is less than surrounding districts, many of which are also asking for additional levies. This is an opportunity for each of us to vote on how our state tax dollars are spent. Bring that money back home, where it is needed! Nobody likes to pay more taxes, but we would rather see it spent here than elsewhere.

The school board and administration have done a remarkable job in preserving programs and being responsible with our tax dollars.

The levy is an investment in our community, keeping jobs and services available that benefit everyone. Every community knows the importance of a strong, viable, progressive school district in keeping the community running. Let's continue to give our educators the tools and support they need to continue to do a great job in preparing the citizens of tomorrow.