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Letter: Our legacy of 10,000 lakes

I note with interest the concern and comments about the upcoming amendment to the state constitution to allocate certain monies from an addition to our sales tax for improvement and protection, among other things, of our lakes, streams and natural areas. I know most Minnesotans are aware of the legacy of these 10,000 lakes which have been bestowed on us.

Because our lakes, streams and recreational areas are becoming more difficult to maintain, they are rapidly becoming an endangered species, pummeled by excess use, fertile runoff, the invasion of foreign and exotic plants and animals. They have taken an extremely hard hit. We have disaster happening before our eyes.

What is our role in this situation which is rapidly becoming critical? Where is our place in the stewardship of these natural beauties? The deterioration of this natural heritage is not new. It has been occurring for years with insufficient action on our part. Now, we are at the point that in order to provide protection, restoration and maintenance, we are considering a constitutional amendment to force the provision of enough money for this project. If this does not happen, I am afraid there will be a continuation of the inaction of the past and the irreparable loss of quality.

The solution is "yes" to the amendment to protect and maintain the beauty of Minnesota. We designate money by constitution for the construction of highways, bridges, parks, etc. Why not nature also?