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Letter: A candidate to respect

Mike Bredeck has served District 20A for 37 years as a teacher, coach, American Legion member, Student Council advisor and director of Minnesota's Boys State Program. These years have been full of selfless sacrifice for the betterment of this community as a whole.

I personally know Mike Bredeck from my years in Student Council and my Boys State experience. Because of the mentoring and encouragement of Mike Bedeck I worked hard and became the president of my high school and eventually the vice president of Minnesota Association of Student Councils. Through his amazing directing of the Minnesota's Boys State Program I also decided to become a political science major at Saint John's University.

Mike Bredeck was at my side when I was making all these decisions, encouraging me and helping me. Mike Bredeck has a belief in the people of District 20A and wants to help these people achieve their full potential and be successful. Mike Bredeck promotes good will in everyone he represents. The strongest reason to vote for Mike Bredeck is that he considers the needs of the people, both in his heart and in his head. I know he will work hardest to represent people's needs in District 20A on the issues of agriculture, the economy, health care, energy and education. Mike Bredeck is an individual I respect and admire.