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Letter: A need for ethical standards

A lot has been spoken about the current need for "ethics'' and "reforms'' in this nation; I would like to address that.

We have mayors in our states, east and west, whose lack of ethics in their behavior outside of office has seriously damaged the trust of the people who elected them into office.

There is a governor in a western state whose lack of ethics signed deviant behavior into law, against the will of the people of that state. The majority of other states were thrown into shock by this act.

There are former and present senators who have voted against the will of the people they represent; and did so because they felt their ideas and that of certain groups were better than the majority of their state.

In our nation's schools we have marvelous words in our halls like "honesty,'' "respect,'' and "responsibility''; yet the majority of those excellent words are not heeded.

Maybe we should have kept the 10 statements of truth in our government and state buildings, schools and national monuments, just to remind us of how ethics work successfully.

In this election year, let us focus on the ethics and standards our forefathers lived out and followed before this nation. They encouraged us to be honorable and follow Christian principles that would make this nation strong. Let's follow their example.