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Letter: NL-S can't afford a 'no' vote

In this time of economic crisis, we need to carefully assess our expenditures. Many hard-working, responsible citizens are faced with making very difficult choices in budgeting their incomes. To meet the rising costs of basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter, we have been stretched to the very limit of our means! That is why I am advocating a "yes" vote on the New London-Spicer operating levy on Nov. 4.

How can we afford it? How can we not afford it? The public school system is still what I consider the great equalizer. When we are so preoccupied with what we must pay for everyday products, the school offers the very same educational opportunity to every student, regardless of whether they can afford. It is still the place where, when you take your seat in class, you are afforded the right to a good foundation of learning on which to build your future.

As responsible voters, we can take pride in knowing that we have ensured the future of our school and community by keeping our tax dollars right here, in New London-Spicer. We make the decisions for our children's future. How can we afford not to?