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Letter: Who the true terrorists are

I think it's funny people could worry about Barack Obama having connections to terrorists, since many of them supported George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in the White House for the last eight years -- the two worst terrorists on the face of the earth. Thank God for presidential term limits!

George W. Bush illegally wormed his way into his first term as president. That was through use of friends and family as corrupt as he and Dick Cheney are. If Obama gets the job at least he'll get it according to the Constitution, fair and square.

Yes, it's worked well -- terrorist tactics for the holy right wing. Use the rights of women and gays to divide and conquer. Use lies and fear to get us involved in a war in Iraq. Rob Social Security and Medicare to provide tax relief for the wealthy and jeopardize the future global environment to help out their rich corporate friends. Rejoice! Rejoice! The true terrorists are now lame ducks and the quacks will soon be stepping down and leaving town.