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Letter: That New York influence

In regards to our senatorial choices, I recall how we used to send our own to Washington to represent us: people like Mondale, McCarthy, Thye, Dayton, Anderson, etc. So, what have we got now? Mr. Flipflop, who at one time was campaigning for Paul Wellstone, and then when arriving in Washington stated that he would be a much more effective senator than Wellstone because of his close relationship with President Bush. We all know how he flipped on that one. We all know how many times he flipped in Minnesota prior to becoming a senator. To think we could have had Walter Mondale instead.

On the other side, we have another "New Yorka" who has badmouthed everything from motherhood to the Virgin Mary. Forgive me for referring to these two as "New Yorkas," but with their New York heritage and financial backing, I think it only fair to do so.

It seems that Wall Street, New "Yorka" money has bought the Minnesota Vikings and then the Star Tribune, knowing full well that the Tribune owned adjacent land necessary for the building of the new proposed stadium. Rest assured, Minnesota taxpayers will pay for it.

I'm happy we have a strong Independence Party candidate on the ballot. Whom I intend to vote for, and I strongly urge others to do the same.