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Letter: Obama's dedication to service

Despite what his opponents would like you to believe, Barack Obama is not a scary guy. He is a public servant who has dedicated himself to helping those who need a break. As a new college graduate, his community organizing activities included such things as helping high-rise tenants move the City of Chicago to remove crumbling asbestos from public housing.

After graduating from law school where he was the first black man to be elected president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, Obama had his choice of lucrative law practices. Instead he chose to spend six months directing a voter registration project in Illinois. When he did begin his law career, he chose the less than glamorous field of civil rights law.

As a senator in Illinois and in the U.S. Congress, he has championed ethics reform, voters' rights, children's issues such as child care and health care, and veterans' issues. This man has his heart in the right place. The scary thing would be if his opponent wins.