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Letter: Things can't get worse

I would like to know if there is someone out there who can explain to me why the gas price on Monday, Oct. 27, was $2.07 in Buffalo and it was $2.39 here in Willmar, and on Thursday, Oct. 30, it was $2.14 in St. Cloud and here in Willmar it was $2.29 on Wednesday but went down to $2.24 on Thursday.

About two years ago a fellow we all know by the name of George W. Bush said that there would be no price gouging at the gas pumps across America and that anyone who did so would be severely dealt with. Does that sound to you like we were lied to?

But then we also all know, even though some still don't want to admit it, that that is not the first time that we were lied to.

Thank God this will soon come to an end and things will have to get better, because they most certainly can't get much worse.