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Letter: Schools need our support

I am a longtime supporter of the Willmar Public Schools because both of my children have and continue to receive a quality education. My oldest child graduated from the Willmar School District well-prepared for college and is succeeding. It is important that we support our local school district so that it can continue to provide a well-rounded education for our future citizens.

I have volunteered in my child's classroom and have seen firsthand how effectively school personnel work day in and day out. I certainly believe in giving back by volunteering or providing support any way I can. I do not want my son in classes of 30-plus students, especially if teachers do not have additional help in the classroom as I am afraid some students will fall through the cracks.

It is also important to keep current staff levels as they are and not lay off school personnel as that also affects the economic health of our community. I do not want to see after-school programs cut as I believe these opportunities allow students to grow and gain skills important to their development and after-school activities are the only thing keeping some students in school.

Transportation may also be cut and there may be more students walking to school in the dead of winter because they might not qualify for busing services. Presently, there are students who do not attend school because there is no transportation available to them as their parents cannot afford to take off work.

Lastly, for my work, I often visit metro area schools (charter, magnet, and private) and while there may be times I wish my student would have the luxury of attending those specialty schools, I always come to the realization that our Willmar schools are providing as good of an education as those schools, even though we don't get the extra luxuries or dollars they get. Vote yes twice with me for the future of this community!