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Letter: America's voters have spoken

Seeing as I fought so hard to get Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin elected, I thought I'd let you know how I am now. (You may not be the least bit interested, but it will make me feel better having written these things).

First, there are some real pluses to this election. We have passed beyond the racism of the 1960s and prior. A black man, a minority race in this country, has won the presidency. That speaks well for our country to the whole world. I saw some black people shedding real tears of joy over the outcome.

Second, I believe President-elect Obama has worked harder to become president than anyone I have ever heard of in the past. Actually I believe he started towards this goal ever since he was in school. His hard work has paid off, just as hard work should and does.

Third, the vote count was so decisive, we don't have to waste time or money to go through recounts or court proceedings to determine the outcome. And therefore no one should feel that Obama or the Democratic Party stole this election and then go rioting and burning in the streets.

Fourth, thank God that we don't have a history of someone taking over the military and having a military coup like some countries have and still do.

Now for those of us who disagreed with many of President-elect Obama's stated positions on many issues, pray for him and all in authority, like we are instructed in the Bible, that we may lead lives of quietness and peace. Finally, I listened to McCain's concession speech, and I thought it was very positive and uplifting. I believe that's a good act to imitate.