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Letter: Democracy is alive and well

There will be many memorable images from election 2008, but perhaps none is more heartening than that of Americans voting in staggering numbers at the polls. It is an affirmation that our democracy is alive and well.

Voters deserve to be congratulated for their deep commitment to voting and for their patience and perseverance. They showed real dedication by voting early, standing in long lines when necessary, and making sure their voices are heard.

Democracy got a big boost this election with such enthusiastic participation from voters, especially younger voters ages 18 to 29, but there is always more to be done to make it work well for all Americans.

The challenges we face together in our towns and in our nation will require our continued participation as people in this democracy. Our local League of Women Voters works year-round to safeguard democracy at all levels of government. We were immensely gratified to see so many people engaged in the political process. As the League's work continues, I invite others in the community to maintain their commitment to civic improvement by joining the League.

Together we can keep our community strong, healthy and vibrant.