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Letter: Saving an unwanted puppy

On his way home from work two weeks ago, my husband noticed a puppy chasing cars on the road. Concerned for the dog's safety, he stopped to check if he had a collar for a name or phone number but found nothing. He decided to bring the dog with him to ask area residents if they had seen the puppy before and knew where the owner lived. He was unsuccessful in his search. We decided to take the dog in while contacting the paper, local radio station and Humane Society. We still have not received a call.

He had been taken care of and was clean and healthy when found; we think (and hope) he must truly be missed! We have found the puppy has little or no hearing but an amazing ability to learn, and a wonderful personality. What worries us is why this dog was on the road with no identification. Was he abandoned? It's a sad possibility, but I know it's not uncommon.

There are people and organizations who will take in unwanted pets and find homes for them, which is a far better choice than discarding them on the side of the road. Please consider this option. Although we have all the pets we desire, we are happy to keep this puppy until a great home is found for him.