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Letter: Setting the record straight

I would like to correct a few things in the article pertaining to Scott Wagar in the homecoming incident. He did not use any foul language in any of the contacts with the minors attempting to vandalize our home and property.

There was also no screaming or yelling at the dad who apologized to Scott. The eggs were being thrown and Scott proceeded to spray the fox urine to deter them. All the windows and siding on the south side of our home had gotten egged.

It's too bad that as good taxpaying citizens of this community our name has to be smeared. We knew this homecoming incident would only escalate from year to year. The juniors and seniors that came to our place this year were third- and fourth-graders when this all began eight years ago.

We have only been harassed because they know we do not like it. I heard it gives them an adrenalin rush. Maybe if they would be charged they would get their adrenalin rush over with and think about whose place they should TP. I know some of you like it. It's actually an honor for some of you to have toilet paper streaming through your trees. That's fine. But for those of us who do not like our property trashed and vandalized, we should have a right to protect what we own.

Over the past eight years we've found dozens of eggs, peanut butter, plastic forks, drumsticks cracked in half, screwdrivers, shaving cream, ketchup and lots of toilet paper after the minors got scared and left. I hope something can be done to stop these individuals and their pranks during homecoming week.