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Letter: Glad he doesn't live in Willmar

You probably won't print this but I am sending it anyway. I read the story about Scott Wagar's problem with the teens and was amazed.

In the comment section in the local Tucson, Ariz., paper, this was the most commented story. The general consensus was that the man should be given an award for practicing restraint and coming up with such an innovative and harmless way of defending his home.

We were horrified that your police actually arrested the man. What the heck is the matter with you people? I read the article and comments in your own local paper and was amazed at how much more there was that was not in our story.

This is normal behavior in your town? In Arizona these kids would have at the very least ended up with a backside full of rock salt, if not double-ought buckshot. What kind of state do you people run if a man can't defend his home and family from thugs and vandals?

In Arizona these boys would have been met with hot lead and nobody would have arrested or criticized the homeowner for shooting them. All I can say is that if the people in Willmar are so backwards that they think this kind of behavior is normal and should be laughed at, then I am glad that I don't live there.

Best keep your teen-aged thugs at home because they would get a very different reaction here.