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Letter: These charges are ludicrous

I was sitting watching the TV news when I was disturbed by a story regarding a Mr. Scott Wagar from Willmar, who has been plagued by teen vandals from Willmar Senior High School year after year.

While defending his property (home) from being damaged, Wagar used a water gun filled partially with fox urine and water and is now being charged by the Kandiyohi County attorney, yet the teen vandals are not.

This is the most ludicrous thing that I have ever seen local law enforcement and prosecution do. We set up drunken driving sober checkpoints and bust meth labs, yet when a property owner calls to report this sort of incident repeatedly, the officers do not set up some sort of sting to protect this gentleman's property.

And further, what on earth are these high school students doing in numbers of 30-70 vandalizing private property? Where are the parents? Wagar, in my eyes, has done nothing wrong and I think the county prosecutor should be ashamed to present this case to any judge in any county in any state in this country. Take care of the kids that are actually causing the damages and let Wagar off and stop wasting our tax dollars on idiotic charges.