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Letter: School should enforce rules

As a resident of west central Minnesota, I have admired the law enforcement agencies of Kandiyohi County and wished that the county I live in had the same level of law enforcement. Now, however, I am wondering just what that same law enforcement was thinking.

While Scott Wagar did act inappropriately regarding the cell phone, the remainder of his actions were simply to protect his home and property, which have been damaged for the past three years with no relief provided by law enforcement or the school district.

Homecoming is a school-sponsored event; as such, the school district needs to step up to the plate and institute rules that will prevent this type of vandalism. If TP'ing occurs, then homecoming needs to be canceled, or when TP'ing occurs since homecoming is associated with football, then the team should have to clean it up.

As for the charges brought in this case, OK -- I get that, but I wonder when will charges for trespassing and illegal dumping (you can't tell me that the vandals took all of their garbage with them when they ran). As for the vandal that grabbed Wagar, some degree of misdemeanor assault "grabbing someone from behind" should result in some charge.

Regarding the vandals and their parents, when are they going to act as responsible adults and apologize to Wagar and his family? Where were the parents? Didn't any of them notice their vandal loading up for this act?

I propose that next year at homecoming if the school district does not institute rules to prevent these acts of vandalism from occurring, that a volunteer property patrol is organized to prevent such vandalism -- no weapons, just cell phones and large numbers of concerned citizens. I sincerely doubt that parents will be pleased to know that their teen has been placed under citizen's arrest and is being held for law enforcement. I am sure that the law enforcement agencies can instruct such a patrol on how to make a citizen's arrest.