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Letter: Caring and helping year round

At 8:40 a.m. Tuesday as I waited to turn onto County Road 5 to go to work, I noticed someone walking up the hill towards me. Remember, it was 20 below.

I also noticed a number of people who drove by, looking right at this person. It obviously was a student headed to the college as they were wearing a backpack. Talk about dedication.

I rolled down my window and asked if they wanted a ride. I got a nod and the young lady got in my car. I found out her car wouldn't start and she had called friends and was told they didn't have time to give her a ride. (You must not have had time either if you drove right by her.)

She also didn't have any money. So she walked. Well, I took the time.

Let's not quit giving, caring and helping when the holidays end.