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Letter: Diamond Lake sewer saga

Diamond Lake sewer saga again?

First time around, the only votes that counted for accepting or rejecting the Green Lake sewer system were members of the Diamond Lake Association.

Now we shore owners had our septics inspected mandatory! Mine didn't pass, however I have the original inspection when it was installed in 1990. The county inspector stated it is a very good system with the three-feet minimum ground water clearance right on the permit. The county now says I don't meet the three-foot clearance. Whose fault is that? It could have been noted on original inspection that it did not comply and redone then. But it passed all installation inspections!

Now I own two lots. Recently a letter was sent stating all lots will cast votes. Yesterday I was told my lot that never had a sewage system on record will not have a ballot sent out to vote! And I can't get one!

If they run sewer by that lot, will I not have to pay for that line? No one will give that answer.

I was also informed only lots on the lake will cast votes and only those lots will pay for sewer.

There are 17 lots behind me that according to state law must conform to sewer codes. Second-tier lots on Diamond are not required to upgrade to sewer and comply. Why? It would spread the high price of saving the commissioners' folly of building a sewer treatment that can handle three billion gallons a day when operating at full capacity. That is enough sewer for 30,000 homes.

I'm really disgusted with this. Commissioners never mentioned pollution estimates from septic systems are only 3 to 5 percent contributing factor. Surface runoff contributes about 80 percent of pollutants entering our lakes.

Diamond is crowded enough. With sewer we'll see an estimated 400 to 700 new homes in the second tier. When they come, that sewer will be all profit for the county at our original costs.

Are the commissioners in this for gain? What about the small 50-foot lots building new two-story homes that only can go forward with sewer?

Do we Diamond Lake owners want to see Green Lake-like development?