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Letter: Doubts about President Obama

I'd like to believe President Obama for things he said, both before and after his inauguration. However, events of the last few days have caused me to think otherwise.

The first thing that altered my opinion of him happened during a surprise visit with the White House press corps. This happened shortly after his inauguration. An obviously agitated Obama stared down a reporter after being questioned over his nomination of a defense lobbyist, which ran contrary to a statement Obama made earlier about not hiring lobbyists. Transparency? Not really, said a reporter.

To stare someone down is nothing more than an act of intimidation. That was a tactic that was used by Carl Marx and Leon Trotsky. History has established that these men were co-founders of the Communist Party. All one has to do is to go back in history and see how they dealt with their opposition, which, by the way, included everyone who questioned their motives.

Obama's behavior during the press corps incident leads me to believe that he (Obama) has socialist tendencies. Maybe Bill Clinton was right when he referred to Obama as a "Chicago thug."

The second person to call Obama's credentials into question is Fidel Castro. He is the former dictator of Cuba. He came out in full support of Obama's presidency. He certainly didn't do that for President Bush.

Again, quoting former President Castro, he said in a recent interview, "The intelligent and noble face of the first black President of the United States has transformed itself under the inspiration of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King into a living symbol of the American dream." He went on to praise Obama as an honest man, writing, and I quote: "No one could doubt the sincerity of his words, when he affirms that he will convert his country into a model of freedom and respect for human rights in the world, and the independence of other nations." In my opinion, those are subjects that Fidel Castro knows very little about.

I hope I'm wrong about Obama. However, at this point in time, I have my doubts.