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Public Forum: 'Naming rights' at a bargain

Finally, some courage in Washington concerning our now $4.5 billion bailout of Citi Group bank. They have a $400 million dollar deal to name the new Mets baseball stadium. Some congressmen are asking the President to apply pressure for them to back out of this ridiculous agreement.

Perhaps this pressure could be applied to Twin City Federal bank and their deal to spend millions to name the new Gopher football stadium, while receiving a $360 million bailout from the government.

Or, we as taxpayers could learn from their example. I have been laid off for two months and need to replace my 50- plus year old furnace that leaks water all over the place. I would like to announce for a mere $6,500 the "naming rights" for sale on the new furnace I need. For this small sum any bank, business, group or individual can own the right to have their name displayed on this furnace, a sign near my house and my services spreading their name and encouraging people to do business with them.

A heck of a deal for $6,500 compared to Citi Groups $400 million.