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Letter: A dose of old-time civility

After watching the last Willmar City Council meeting, I was stunned by the idea that some people want the council to adopt and pledge this "Speak Your Peace" project before each meeting.

The nine tools that this idea contains are all things that if you had any kind of decent up-bringing and went to church and school at all, should have been taught to you as a child and all through your life.

We have all seen a show of disrespect and nonconstructive criticism towards certain members on the council without ever an apology given. Why is this? This concern goes for all the people who take part in these meetings. Just because certain individuals have a certain title before their name, it seems like that gives them the right to say whatever they want without remorse, when others don't. Like the old saying goes, "It takes two to tango!"

I've seen this happening a lot in everyday life, especially in the last three weeks when people lie and show disrespect and cannot apologize for their actions even though it's caused someone a lot of pain and their life to change severely.

Everyone has the right to speak, especially when they have done their homework and have some foundation to stand (speak) on. To be cut off, criticized and disrespected while talking and then told they have used up their time is just totally wrong, then after all that, they are gossiped about without ever any apology given. In my opinion this Speak Your Peace idea will not work, as you cannot change the way people are; only they can change themselves. In this society people nowadays will lie, cheat and steal to cover their butts and cover up all the skeletons that are in their closets.

In my opinion, I say grow up and use those tools that you've been taught to use.