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Letter: A morale boost for the troops

Congratulations to the four football players mentioned in the March 3 edition who are going to visit the U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf region this week.

I know these players have families, charities, businesses to run here at home, but I will say when the USO went and entertained our troops during past wars, it was a morale builder. These troops that are fighting these wars are like my children. Others are like my brothers and sisters. They followed orders to protect us back home so we can play sports and have the luxuries of living in a free country. During other wars our men and women went to war and served. Some returned home to be great sport figures.

Where are the players who make millions of dollars a year playing a game they love? Don't you think some of our soldiers are just as good or maybe better?

From what I read, these players flash their bankroll, fancy cars and guns and hang out at the strip joints or beat up on their mates.

We must realize that our troops get a morale boost when they get to see a sport event no matter what it is.

Let's give our troops all of the things we can to keep them going. God bless our troops and God bless America. Thank you,

Lorenzo L. Harris Sr.