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Letter: Making a joyful noise

Due to some recent letters concerning the Sonshine Festival event, I would like to share the following:

Would Jesus condone tattoos, marijuana, and alcohol? Of course not! (Nor does any vendor sell marijuana or alcohol at these events as the first writer seemed to indicate).

Would Jesus condone rock music? If it glorifies him, then absolutely!

More than one church has been divided over the style of music in its service out of personal preference. This is a wrong attitude. God is not concerned with the style of worship. He is concerned with the heart of the worship.

Psalms 33:1-3, 47:1, 150:1-6 are but a few passages that tell us to: clap our hands, shout to the Lord, sound trumpets, stringed instruments, and clash loud cymbals. That means praise and worship is pretty noisy.

Praise and worship comes in many forms: classical, bluegrass, rock, country, contemporary, Messianic (common in the Holy Land, but would sound strange to most in the U.S.), Asian, African, and there's even dancing involved. Indeed, we read in 2 Samuel 6:14 that David, clad in a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might. This means that David really "busted-a-move" on the floor.

The point is that there is no wrong way to worship if it comes from the heart and is in full adoration for Christ and his finished work on the cross. These outdoor events draw believers and unbelievers alike. The most important thing, whether it's classical hymn style or rock style, is the message. Is the Gospel of Christ: left his home in heaven, was born of flesh, was crucified, his blood shed for our sins, was buried, was risen from the dead, our salvation comes from trusting in him (not our own works) being told through the music? If so, then they are being obedient to Jesus' commands to go out into the world and tell everyone about his saving grace.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! (Psalms 100:1). Thanks for letting me share.

Pastor Scott Allen Danielson

Cross Connected Music Ministries