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Letter: A ploy by the county board?

In the Aug. 31 article in the West Central Tribune, "Time is running out, but... Residents question extension of sewer to Diamond", Gene Platt questionins why his inspected septic now fails, and Harlan Madsen's answer is that the county only certifies "as it was designed" Well, being a building inspector in Southern California for years, then moving back to Minnesota in 1987, I was a shoo-in for a building inspector as all codes were taken from Orange County, California. I was licensed for building inspections in Minnesota. I went to Inver Heights Junior College to obtain a septic design and inspection license.

Yes, the septic needs design, then it's submitted to the county for a plan check. If it checks out and meets all requirements of the state, PCA, and county it's then permitted, a permit is issued and it can then proceed to be installed. Before it's covered it needs a compliance inspection and the three-foot separation must be there for the plan check or it would be failed until the three-foot separation is added. The county inspector does an on-site inspection for compliance of all accepted plans. If it doesn't meet all requirements the inspector is required to fail it and will charge for another inspection until compliance is met.

Gene, if your plans passed, and the final inspection passed, the county has certified your system as compliant in all codes required. I think with the installation of sewer a court case couldn't proceed to right this wrong -- another ploy!

My 1990 mound also failed! I do have the original inspection stating all is compliant, and am willing to go further with the issue.

I also believe the county can retract the noncompliance issues for we who failed. I do believe this was another ploy to get more cash flow for the Green Lake sewer at our expense.

It's now in the commissioners' hands. Vote sewer and go against the people's will (democracy) or rule over us with more ploys and excuses of it is too late. Sewer costs $17,000 to install, plus $60 to $80 monthly bills over 20 years equals $33,800. Septic is $12,000 and no monthly bills.

Duane Spicer