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Letter: Diamond Lake says no to sewer

Two years of dragging it along and the commissioners now say a deadline of Oct. 2010! If they would have said upgrade your septics back then, most would be completed.

So many false rumors, one is the sewer system will clean the lake and we need it now. That's false but there never were any commissioners, engineers, or officials to set the record straight. They let the rumor run rampant to their advantage on Nest Lake for sure.

We on Diamond Lake researched it and had an appointed board to study it so we could make a wise informed decision.

After all information was gathered and distributed to lakeshore owners, a vote (democratic way) was taken. If a commissioner won by 70 percent it would be a landslide! We on Diamond voted 70 percent to upgrade our septics. We made an informed wise decision and voted against sewer.

Are we now being ignored by commissioners who need to support their sewer treatment plant built for Green Lake? They saw tax monies there with multimillion dollar homes and now have to spread the exorbitant sewer costs that rise every year and spread it to us because the original requesting owners complain it costs too much.

Diamond Lake is unlike other lakes as we voted. At the other lakes the commissioners assumed they wanted sewer because of the false rumor. Now for Diamond I read the commissioners are again assuming we on Diamond changed our minds just because they ran the main sewer line seven miles out of the way for the connection of Kandiyohi and past Diamond.

I know of two people who did in fact change their mind, They voted for sewer thinking it would clean the lake. They now changed to no sewer, knowing it will do little if anything to improve the lake's status of impaired waters.

We canvassed lakeshore owners and the general opinion is let us upgrade our own systems. The opinions yet stand at 70 to 75 percent for no sewer! Mr. Commissioners, can you hear us now?

Sandy Johnson