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Letter: Catering to Green Lake?

I wonder why the roads on Green Lake are always kept up, new curb, trees, fine roads. Any other lake around has broken potholed roads.

I wonder why the eight-inch main sewer pipe is being run six to seven miles out of the way, when there is an eight-inch forced main on Green Lake at County Road 8 on the south shore and the road is already torn up -- a connection there is ready to go? Isn't that twice the cost for this sewer for Kandiyohi?

I read Green Lake shore owners want to privatize the 300 feet of open public water in front of their mansions. The commissioners are actually going to study it? Why not one size fits all? I keep reading sewer for Diamond when the owners there don't want it? What's happening there?

I read the commissioners stated Games Lake and Norway Lake are drooling to get hooked up? Hook 'em up and let Diamond alone. Ever hear of democracy?

Green Lake wanted fresh treated drinking water, they got it. How many non-Green Lake owners pay taxes for that?

Green Lake owners wanted a sewer treatment plant. They got it. Now they want to spread the costs around to anyone the commissioners can con into supporting the big-money Green Lake owners because they think their treatment plant charges are too high?

Diamond Lake residents, stand up and sound off. You may not have the voice of the wealthy, but be heard! Your officials are treating you as second-class citizens.

Could it be most Diamond residents don't live in the voting district? These are voted-in officials you hired them to represent you, not ignore you, for their own agenda.

Come on, Diamond Lake residents, write in to the West Central Tribune, sound off about your poor treatment of not being heard! You are being forced to support Green Lake residents in their poor choices right along with your commissioners' poor choices of catering to a select group!

Jim Jentzen

St. Paul