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Letter: Get a grip, conservatives!

The super-vocal people who seem to have forgotten the purpose of education and are so worried that President Barack Obama's speech to students might give the children "socialistic ideas," should take a deep breath and listen to other voices for a bit.

Perhaps they would remember that President George W. Bush, staunch conservative Republican, was actually sitting with students, in a classroom, in a school, when he received the horrible news of 9/11.

Should he even have been there? Was the book, from which he was reading aloud, full of ideas about conservative politics and anarchy? Hmmm. That's odd. No one ever asked that question at the time. I think most of us just figured he was doing his job, visiting constituents.

For heaven's sake, people, get a grip! You ultra-conservative Republicans have made yourselves look ridiculous before, but I must say, this one beats them all!

Hey, wait a minute. I was born and bred a liberal. Why would I care how ignorant these Republicans act? Have at it, conservatives!

Lavonne Halloran Reller