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Letter: A road that really needs fixing

This is an open letter to Gary Danielson, head of the Kandiyohi County Highway Department, concerning County Road 106.

You can oil the road, you can gravel the road, you can grade the road over and over, but you can't take away the teeth-rattling, front-end-shaking washboard ruts on County Road 106.

I did the footwork to get several names on a petition like you asked me to do. My neighbors and I encounter this shaking front-end alignment road every day all year long while we follow the turkey farm trucks.

The names on that petition all pay taxes in Kandiyohi County. We're only asking to have County Road 106, that is a little over a mile long, blacktopped between County Road 2 and Highway 23. I'd like to see the bills for money spent on oil, gravel, grading and labor on County Road 106 the past year. It's not working, and it's a waste of tax dollars.

I find it hard to accept all the articles and pictures of road improvements in Kandiyohi County when we can't get one small section blacktopped. Come and take a ride on County Road 106 and bring your county commissioners along. I hope the citizens of our small community still count.

Marguerite Hufford