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Letter: Nothing fun about trapping

I am responding to the article on trapping which appeared in the Oct. 17 edition of the West Central Tribune. I lived in northern Wisconsin for 12 years prior to moving to Willmar nine years ago.

My farm was adjacent to a large swamp so I observed a great deal of trapping during my daily walks in the winter. In traditional hunting the idea is to kill the animal quickly. Trapping is very different. The most popular trap snaps onto the animal's leg, often breaking it. The frantic animal tries to chew its own leg off. It often slowly freezes to death.

The second most popular method, called snaring, involves entangling the animal so the harder it tries to escape, the tighter the snare becomes. The animal eventually suffocates or slowly freezes to death. Should the trapper return when the animal is still alive, he clubs it to death because shooting it might harm the pelt.

I have difficulty seeing this activity as fun or enjoyable. The animal certainly didn't. I can't imagine this as a family tradition handed down from generation to generation as the article implied.

Catherine Miller