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Invest in the future of RCW

We know the cost of everything has gone up such as gasoline, cars, utilities, groceries, etc. Now our RCW communities are being asked to support a two-question ballot to support our school.

Another increasing cost? No! Education is not a cost. It is, without parallel, an investment! This is an investment in the development of our children. It's an investment in the children who will grow up to repair our cars, work in the agricultural business, build our homes, care for us when we're sick or provide us legal counsel when we need it.

Simply put: The state of Minnesota has not kept pace with the costs of educating students.

We have a great school system at RCW. We were voted one of "America's Best Schools" in U.S. News and World Report magazine in 2008. We are doing the right things at RCW. But this just doesn't include our teachers and our staff. Without our RCW communities pulling together, a lot of things wouldn't get done at our school. It's 41 cents a day (value on $100,000 and both questions pass) to offer quality education programs, continue all day/every day kindergarten, update textbooks, maintain curriculum choices, athletics, fine arts and many other programs.

If we don't offer these programs, do you think students will want to stay at RCW? Do you think our teachers will want to stay at a school that the public doesn't support? If you don't believe this, ask junior and senior high students along with their parents. If we don't support our kids by passing this two-question ballot, we will have to cut all or most of these programs. Do we want to be another McLeod West? If you do, your tax dollars will be spent in communities like BOLD, MACCRAY, Redwood Valley, YME or whoever the state has deemed as our new district boundary (not Danube-Renville-Sacred Heart). You will have to travel to those sites to watch your kids and grandkids participate in their programs.

Do you want a local school? Do you want your tax dollars spent in your community or one miles away?

Rick Marks

RCW School Board member