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Vote 'yes' for RCW's future

With the current economic hardships of our state and nation, the Renville County West School District is currently faced with the loss of state funding. We are also faced with expiring levies and declining enrollment.

In order to maintain and add to our current programs within the district, we are asking the citizens of Renville County to vote "yes" on the Nov. 3 referendum. Passing this bond referendum will provide our children with materials needed to further their education and put them in the top tier of graduating students in Minnesota.

In these economic times, a strong education is critical for success in life and voting "yes" is the best thing we can do for our future. For the continued success of our district, community and students, please vote "yes" on Nov. 3.

David McGill, president

Pamela Elfering, Kelly Falch andMatt Goeke, communications committee

Renville County WestEducation Association