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The value of extracurriculars

This past weekend, we visited our daughters. They are now college students. In addition to their studies, they are active in music and varsity athletics. We then returned home in time to watch the final performance of "Aida," this year's Willmar High School musical. This reminded us that our daughters' academic, artistic and athletic pursuits began in the Willmar Public Schools. They are better students and citizens because they had these opportunities growing up in Willmar. We remain grateful for the education -- including the rich extracurricular activities and sports -- our daughters received here.

Money is tight, and, unless more money can be found, the School Board will have some hard choices. Athletics and the arts are not "fluff" or "extras." They are an integral part of our personal and civic lives and, therefore, our education. It is equally important to offer calculus, football and musical theater.

We hope more money is found for our schools. It is our responsibility to fund them adequately. If cuts must be made, we hope the pain is shared equally across all parts of the curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Frederick Hund and Kathryn Nelson Hund