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Letter: A platform for the terrorists

I must take exception to the West Central Tribune editorial of Nov. 14 concerning the trying of five terrorists involved with the attack on the World Trade Center.

This will only give the terrorists worldwide a platform to spew their hate of the United States. This belongs where it was, in a military tribunal where mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has already pled guilty, but the process was put on hold by the Obama administration. It has been recently stated that New York may be broke by the end of the year. Can you imagine how much having this trial in New York is going to cost the city for extra police protection and Homeland Security additional cost? Let alone what the trial itself is going to cost strapped New York citizens.

Attorney General Holder is continuing to draw from a $2 million salary as part of his severance package from Covington and Burling law firm, whose lawyers were part of the attorneys representing these same detainees. They continuously used delaying legal actions, thus blocking a timely ending to the military tribunal. This is not a good decision and will cost dearly. Also a question that maybe the editor can answer. Who was paying the defense fees for these detainees to Covington and Burling?

John L. Sullivan