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The right to bear arms


In response to Lee Paulson's letter in the Nov. 27 edition titled "A good use for guns?": The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution clearly gives each U.S. citizen (although with some exceptions, e.g. criminal record/mentally disturbed) the right to bear arms. This is undisputable and unchangeable, short of a new constitutional amendment that would forbid the bearing of arms.

The last time I looked I was not required to enlist in the military in order to possess/own a firearm.

As for Paulson's concern toward our military's dilemma of repeated recycling, I suggest that he contact his federal government and express his concerns to them, particularly to the White House and Democratic-controlled Congress. We need to give our troops everything that they need to get the job done and then we need to get out of the way (get out of the way, Mr. Politician) and let them do the job so that the recycling can end.

I am 55 years old and though not in the best of health would be proud to stand with our troops in the military any time and anywhere. And as for protecting my family and home from intruders of the worst kind (rapists, murderers/thieves), I will do what I have to do even if people like Paulson don't like it.

Victor Young