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Letter: The perennial stadium issue

It seems that the stadium issues never seem to disappear. We remember a few years ago when the idea of building new stadiums for the Twins, Gophers and Vikings were going on. The overall mood among Minnesotans was resistance. We went through this back when the Metrodome was being proposed and it was built anyway.

Despite the resistance, Gov. Pawlenty signed the bill to build two new stadiums: TCF Bank Stadium for the Gophers and Target Field for the Twins. That left the Metrodome all to the Vikings. Now, one would think that with three separate venues for each team, we would be content with what we have, right? Wrong.

The Vikings are requesting a new stadium for themselves. After all, the Metrodome is nearly (gasp!) 30 years old. Now some fans have joined the rallying cry to build it. One reason is that, according to certain reports, Los Angeles is building a new football stadium in an effort to bring an NFL team to their area. Remember they lost both the Raiders and the Rams the same year. They seem to be hinting that they want the Vikings to move out there. This is the same Los Angeles that took the Minneapolis Lakers. It sounds like the main motivation to build the stadium is to keep the team in Minnesota.

Personally, I am disappointed that it has come down to this. It's like we've forgotten how to be content.

Kent Syverson