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A good word for Rep. Bachmann

These days I am not in the habit of defending any politician, because most of them disgust me.

However, in Michele Bachmann's case I would put in a good word. Bachmann is first and foremost a true Christian. She knows Jesus Christ as her personal savior. She is secondly a pro-lifer. Third, she truly loves this country and is doing what she can to preserve its true heritage and freedom.

If it is true that she has labeled President Obama a socialist, then it must be because the president's policies, at the very least, have a socialistic flavor to them. Is Bachmann against unprecedented government handouts? Yes, and so am I. Is she against rewarding irresponsible behavior? Yes, and so am I. Has she been supporting the Tea Party? Yes, and so do I.

If Barbara Edwards (Public Forum, Jan. 5) wants to be accurate in regard to personifying snake-oil salesmen, she would do well to take a closer look at the likes of Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and Vice President Joe Biden, just to name a few.

Victor Young