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A health care nanny state?


Steven Moore of the Wall Street Journal said ObamaCare is "so bad you have to pick it up with a pooper-scooper." The picture is self-explanatory. But the real issue is the meaning of "bad." To many Americans, nationalized health care sounds good, not bad, because they think it simply means government will pay for doctor care. (Who is the government?) These people, to put it kindly, are naïve lemmings and perfect candidates for a progressive federalized nanny state.

To many other Americans ObamaCare is bad because of its high cost. Ten years of accounting gimmicks to pay for six years of nationalized health care tell informed citizens something stinks. Nothing is free; somebody pays (the taxpayer). The foremost thought of these anti-ObamaCareites is that health care will be rationed, of inferior quality, and at greater cost. It's good anti-ObamaCare reasoning, but cost should not be the primary reason.

To enlightened Americans the primary reason to be anti-ObamaCare is loss of freedoms, the greatest since the nation's founding. In the big picture this bill is grossly anti-Constitutional and will be challenged in court. The special deals for Senators Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Ben Nelson of Nebraska, at other states' expense, violate the Constitution's general welfare clause. Also, the Constitution does not grant Congress the power to require Americans to purchase insurance. Neither the commerce clause nor the Congressional powers to tax and regulate apply. Also, ObamaCare requires states to establish benefit packages, which require state legislation and regulation. This leaves states optionless and subdivisions of the federal government. Are there politicians who will stand up and assert state rights?

If a federal nanny state can turn its citizens into health care junkies, they become dependent subjects, not free citizens. Those of us who have shoveled what Moore is talking about, know that it can stick to the person. May the bad smell of the anti-Constitutional, anti-freedom ObamaCare stick to those who voted for it and may true freedom-loving Americans vote the stinkers out of office.

Ron Snyder