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Letter: Time to recall Bachmann

Red alert! Red alert!

We need to begin a recall vote on Michele Bachmann today! Can that be accomplished only through her own benighted district or can we unseat her with a statewide recall petition? After all, her misguided votes in Congress affect everyone in the state.

As of now, Bachmann remains entrenched as a constant threat to the entire state as she crusades for all Minnesotans to refuse answering the questions of census takers since in her febrile mindlessness it means an end to our right to personal privacy of information. Never mind the fact that it is the only way congressional representation is determined. What has the woman got to hide anyway that demands such secrecy on her part?

We are in jeopardy already, if our state population is pared away, as seems likely, to lose a congressional seat when the final tally is made. The woman is a personal publicity and celebrity hound who will do anything to be in the national spotlight, even to the extent of hurting her own constituency.

Would to God that she would be the one to lose her own seat as a direct result of her campaign! Why doesn't the Almighty intervene in world affairs more often and zap the woman with a divine thunderbolt before she totally disgraces us as Minnesotans and does her damndest to cripple our political clout in Washington?

Lee Paulson