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Teacher has worked wonders

I remember my sister not wanting to go to pep band or wanting to be in the marching band when she was in high school, which was about eight years ago. It was no fun to her and not a lot of people joined in.

Ever since Mr. Bryan Mara came into the picture things have changed dramatically. Mr. Mara has done so many incredible things for the Willmar Senior High. He has brought the marching band and pep band to heights they have never been before. He has also brought the students' enthusiasm and passion for music to a whole other level. He is there for anyone who needs him and has dedicated every ounce of himself to the program.

Mr. Mara started teaching five years ago when I was a freshman. He has helped me and so many others with countless things. He is there if we need him or if we have any questions about anything. Losing Mr. Mara would be devastating to the band department.

I know we need to make cuts but I definitely don't think that the students should be punished by cutting an extremely good teacher who has done so many things for the band program and is loved by many. Everyone will be very sad if he has to leave and he will be greatly missed.

Sheri Munsterman