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Letter: Don't lose music program

I have great concerns with these budget cuts that are currently happening. I've been following the paper and have seen the threat to the music program come up time after time. Knowing that any part of the music program of Willmar is being threatened to be cut makes me upset and is outrageous! Willmar, for years, has been known for how awesome their music program is. The passion and enjoyment that students, staff and the whole town of Willmar get from this program are truly incredible. The biggest thing that contributes to the success of our music program is our teachers.

Music has contributed so much to what has made me the person who I am today. I was involved in the orchestra and choir through my whole grade school career. Coming out of the music program of Willmar has made me realize how fortunate I have been to have such amazing teachers. These teachers not only can teach, but they are amazing musicians themselves. The teachers, as any other student would say, are like our parents who have taught us many life lessons. The music program of Willmar can be described in one word: a family.

I have read that elementary music is on the chopping block for having many music programs cut like band and orchestra. Cutting the elementary music program would be a very big mistake. Even considering music to start at the middle school level is a joke. The top-quality music that Willmar performs does not come from students who start later in life, but at the very young age which is the most important. It would be an embarrassment to the program. Music is known to help kids do better in other subjects and is a way to express themselves. Isn't this important at a young age for a child to experience new things, and expand their minds? We need this program to stay the way it is if we want to keep the full music potential we have. We have an amazing program in this town and it would be terrible to lose it!

Joshua Pierskalla