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American Opinion: On the U.S. dealing with terrorist threats:

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

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On the U.S. dealing with terrorist threats:

This nation and much of the Western world are in a war, not against a generic "terrorism" but against a particular and brutal strain of Islamic extremism that wants to do as much damage as possible to our freedoms and way of life.

George W. Bush was wrong to call this the "War on Terror." But he was right to focus on it as he did in the aftermath of the murderous and cowardly Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America by Islamic extremists.

President Barack Obama is right to continue the fight, including working with Muslim countries to root out and kill the enemy.

But the Obama plan to be more politically correct by formally adopting a security policy that ignores "militant Islamic radicalism" is itself ignorant of the real situation ...

Muslim nations that profess to be our friends and to practice the peaceful tenets of their faith should not take offense that we make clear who is our enemy. They should themselves renounce the extremists that give their religion a bad name.

Obama might want to do a little more work on that objective rather than ignore the bad guys.

--The New HampshireUnion-Leader,Manchester, N.H.