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Letter: County attorney responds

A letter in the Public Forum Monday expressed concern about the budget of the county attorney's office and mentioned a "recent article concerning financing for the county attorney."

As the Tribune editorial staff correctly pointed out Tuesday, no such article ever appeared in the West Central Tribune.

A further factual correction is also needed. The case with which the writer was concerned was only one of over a thousand criminal matters submitted to the county attorney by law enforcement agencies during 2008. The case involved a misdemeanor, which was charged and managed by the office along with hundreds of other misdemeanor cases that year. The volume of cases submitted for prosecution is roughly consistent from year to year and is considered when establishing the county attorney budget.

The case in question involved no outlay of county funds, nor was it an unanticipated burden on the office. In short, the case had no impact on the county attorney budget, and was handled as just one of many misdemeanor matters for which the county had planned during the budget process. The claim that "the office recently spent a great deal of money" on that case is simply not correct.

In reality, far more law enforcement and prosecution time was spent investigating, charging and prosecuting the 10 juveniles who were prosecuted for crimes connected to that incident. All of those juveniles subsequently admitted guilt and were punished by the court.

Still more time and a small amount of money were invested drafting, publishing and adopting an amendment to the Kandiyohi County nuisance ordinance which provides law enforcement and prosecution with additional means to deal with similar incidents involving unwanted trespass and littering during homecoming activities.

Boyd Beccue

Kandiyohi County Attorney