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Letter: Beware of gun-toting neighbors

I own a cabin on the east shore of Green Lake which road surrounds many homeowners. It's a very nice area and we have a bike path as well as walking areas on the road, used by a lot of people every hour of the day and some at night.

Earlier this month, a neighbor came out towards the road and garden areas carrying a large, loud gun I think to be a shotgun.

I yelled at him, "Are you out to shoot rabbits?" He looked at me and then shot his gun.

I called 911 to report his actions and to my surprise it is not against the law because we are out of the city limits so it is OK to shoot a gun. I told the deputy this same man shot the windows out of my new van three years ago. He said, "That's old information." He did go to see the shooter but did not come to see me or my neighbor to the east who also called about the shots.

I asked a lawyer yesterday and he did tell me it is not illegal but rabbits are out of season.

Beware of your neighbor who feels he is a special person entitled to behave so dangerously and he gets by with it.


Pat Heinrich