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Letter: A disappointing cancellation

Thank you for the review of the dress rehearsal for the show "About Time" scheduled at the New London Theater. We were looking forward to seeing it and understand that the show was cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances.

I have seen the show performed as a readers' theater and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. What is truly unfortunate is that we had planned to attend the New London show with many friends from out of town. We were looking forward to the event and as always, also patronize local dining establishments prior to the show with a sizeable group of people. As it stands now, the area missed out on not only a fine performance by two very talented actors, but the financial loss of ticket and dining sales.

To cancel a show on opening night is a huge disappointment for everyone. To write "Cancelled" on the poster at the theater and not have anyone present with an explanation that evening is simply unprofessional. I wonder if they realize how many people they turned away.

I hope that the theater is more diligent in their future decision-making so that this does not happen again.

Thank you again for reviewing the show nonetheless.

Peter Woit