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Letter: Thanks for public service

Several weeks ago, your newspaper gave front-page coverage to the soon-to-be departures of Mike Carlson, Brad Schmidt and Dion Warne from the Willmar Public Schools Board of Education. I am compelled to thank you for that, but more importantly, to thank these three public servants for their substantial contributions to the education of so many young people during those nine years of service.

The three of them are joining a significant number of former school board members who preceded them. So many of our present and past employees are indeed grateful for the sound educational environment they all helped create.

The three of you current board members have been confronted constantly with problems of finance, curriculum, content, a direction to go in the face of changing culture, and political upheaval. You and your colleagues have done remarkably well in keeping the Willmar education ship afloat and on course.

Elementary and secondary schools provide the initial education people need to be up to speed in our democratic society. That society evolves constantly and thus needs an educated citizenry. A good beginning is a must and so is the education that follows us in our lengthy adult lives.

So thanks to you -- Mike Carlson, Brad Schmidt and Dion Warne -- for your participation in helping to shape the lives of those many young people in their entry into a world of many diverse issues.

Lowell Melbye