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Letter: Endorse Backer for state rep

If you've been to a local parade or visited one of the early county fairs you can't help but notice elected officials and candidates seeking office. Although the process is frustrating at times it is essential to the liberties and freedoms we treasure here in West Central Minnesota and all over our nation.

One of the candidates I've met along the parade route is Jay Backer. Backer is a first time candidate seeking office for District 20A state representative. Backer has proven to be a common sense family man able to balance his time running a small business, volunteering in his local communities, and staying involved with a busy family.

Swift County and District 20A have lost jobs, industry and the tax revenue these jobs and businesses provide. Let's look to the leadership experience Jay Backer has exhibited as he has grown a small business, been chairman of a local school board, served as an EMT, and worked beside his wife to raise five children.

Jay Backer may have already knocked on your door and he certainly has been in a parade in your community and looks forward to greeting you at your County Fair. Take a closer look at what Backer has to offer for District 20A, as I have, and I believe you will be confident he can make a difference for all of us living here in rural Minnesota.

Allen Saunders